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Moving Water with a French Drain (written by Tiger)

In the winter our garden gets flooded. When the garden gets flooded we can't work. Also it makes the wood wear away and eventually break. The water from all the rain is not good when it floods our garden and sits there for several days or weeks. To have the garden not flood in the winter we our going to make a French drain. A French drain is a type of drain with a pipe in the drain and rocks are put around the drain. The pipe needs to have holes on the bottom of it. The holes on the pipe need to be facing down. The holes need to be facing down so water can easily enter the pipe when the trench fills with water. The drain also needs to have a slight slant to it or the water won't move that much. We want to have a drain in the middle where it floods the most. The drain will go past a rolling gate when the tanks get full. We are going to have it branch off to the sides of the garden. When all that is done we are going to divert it to a hole that holds four tanks. We are going to have the drain go past a rolling gate on one side of our garden and move out into the field when the tanks get full. The water in the tanks will be used for the garden. We do not want to waste the water we have.


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