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Flood Control in Our School Garden (Written by Rooster)

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

We are going to install a French drain in our school garden because it floods in our school garden and it looks like a lake. We are also going to put underground water tanks to catch flood water. When they fill all the way up, we will make the water go into the field so the water doesn't cause a flood. It mostly rains a lot in the winter. Our solution is going to be making a French drain in our school garden so when it rains, we will be able to work in the garden even when it's muddy. Some of my classmates came to work on our Cal Water Challenge. On the garden work day #2 (November 16), I came to help dig the trench and some of my classmates to start on the rectangular hole for the underground water storage tanks. We got a lot done. That day we also extended the trench past the rolling gate and we had to move some of the dead weeds out of the way so that we could extend the trench. Some of my classmates were getting super muddy. My teacher and my dad and some other students were helping to dig the rectangle for the underground water storage tanks. First we dug the perimeter of the rectangle, then we started to dig the area. While they were doing that my classmates and I were digging the trench deeper so that it is at a little slope so the water goes down when there are pipes. My dad also brought his ax so that we could cut the roots that were in the way of digging the trench. My dad also brought a pick ax to break the hard dirt in the rectangle. We got a lot of digging done in the rectangle for the underground water storage tanks that day.


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