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Flood Busting with Gravity (Written by Gecko)

In the school garden, we are digging a French drain and putting in rainwater storage tanks. My classmates, some parents, and I are digging trenches for the French drain and a 4 ½ foot deep rectangular hole for the rainwater storage tanks. In the French drain, we are going to put a 4-inch diameter pipe with holes. That is called a perforated pipe. The perforated pipe needs to be placed in the trench with holes facing down so that water can enter the pipe. The pipe will be wrapped with a cloth that the water can get through. The cloth will keep the holes from getting clogged with dirt and small rocks. There will also be crushed rock surrounding the pipe and level with the ground next to the trench. The pipe has to have a little slope so that gravity will move the water towards one end of the garden. The rainwater will flow down to the rainwater storage tanks in the school garden. When the storage tanks are full of rainwater, we will close the valve to the storage tanks and open the valve that will take water out of the garden and into a wider trench in the field.

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