• Junior Flood Buster

A French Drain (Written by Sloth)

We are putting in a French drain in our garden so it could stop flooding. Our garden is a rectangle and the rectangle is mostly water when it rains. My hypothesis is that when we put rocks over the pipe the water will flow in the field. The French drain we are putting in our garden is going to start close to our fourth grade teacher’s garden bed (at one end of the garden) and go past the rolling gate (at the other end). Once the water goes like ninety feet straight, it will turn left and there's a hole in the shape of a rectangle where we are going to be putting our tanks. There's going to be valves to block off the water when the tanks are full. So, when the tanks are full you turn off the valves and turn the other one on so the water could go in the field past the rolling gate. We are going to have a slideshow to show all of the students at our school to let them see all of our progress in the garden. If your backyard, front yard, or/and garden floods, get a french drain.


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